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mind and soul.
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Born and raised in Montreal (Nun's Island)

QC, Canada

Gaby photography

Native from Montreal (N.1990), Gaby is an self-taught abstract painter. She now dedicates her entire time to simplifying complexity.

« More of less » is her mantra. Her sensibility and eye for detail guides her every move in such a fluid way that it creates a balance that is both tinted with structure and spontaneity.

Gaby produces artwork engraved with lightness and rhythm. This art implicitly evokes elements from the organic universe, the musical world, or else, from her pure imagination. It’s singular lines give an impression of movement, depth and liveliness to the more static forms that make up her creations.
The abstraction she generates through her art brings the spectator into a universe of introspection, where he becomes the master of his own perceptions travelling through different energies and states of emotions.
Gaby photography
Gaby photography